Driver Safety Training is Imperative for Heavy Machinery Operators

Heavy machinery is one of the most effective tools on a construction site. However, heavy machinery can also be quite dangerous—especially so in the hands of someone who is not well-versed in basic safety parameters. This is why driver safety training is imperative for heavy machinery operators.

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Science Behind Using Stability Balls as Chairs is Shaky

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are a common issue for office workers. They also are a costly one for employers.

Consider the following:

  • MSDs are the single largest category of workplace injuries
  • MSDs are responsible for nearly 30 percent of all workers’ compensation costs
  • Each year, companies in the United States spend about $50 billion in direct costs of MSDs
  • The average MSD has a direct cost of almost $15,000
  • The indirect costs of MSDs can be up to five times greater than the direct costs…

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Protecting Solitary Workers

One of the unwritten rules of the workplace is that employees look out for one another. So what happens when there is no one to look out for a worker? In other words, when a worker’s job involves going solo?

A solitary worker is anyone who works alone and away from other employees. Solitary workers can work in a variety of locations including factories, warehouses, maintenance, farms, retail or construction. It also can include office workers. In many cases, solitary workers work nights or weekends.

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Construction – A Solid Career Choice

Construction workers choose that field for a variety of reasons. The construction industry is an exciting industry with benefits that other industries simply do not offer.

Many individuals choose to work in construction because they desire a job that allows them to stay active throughout the day and doesn’t require long hours sitting behind a desk. They also may be able to spend a good deal of their time outdoors. Construction workers learn a variety of skills and make a good living wage without having to attend years of school.


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The Importance of Workplace Cellphone Policies

If your employees are operating any type of vehicle while using a cellphone, you may find yourself liable in the event of an accident. According to the Occupational SAFETY and Health Administration, more and more workers are talking on their cellphones while driving and when accidents occur, businesses are paying the price.

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Hazard Pay 101

Hazard pay is compensation paid over and above a normal salary or hourly rate when a job involves exceptional physical hardship. Many people are confused as to what physical hardship means. Physical hardship would be a task that causes severe physical discomfort or distress and is difficult to alleviate even when protective or mechanical devices are employed.

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EPA Lead Renovator Certificate Expiration Guideline

The EPA Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP)  Rule for the expiration of certificates has been a source of confusion. To settle the issue on when initial course certificates expire, and if an extension will be granted, has been explicitly outlined on the EPA website. Upon completion of the eight hour initial Lead Renovator course,  the expiration date is five years from the date of the course completion. This includes any four hour Lead Renovator Refresher certificates.

Any certificate granted on or before March 31, 2010, is eligible for an extension which expired March 31, 2016. Certificates granted between April 1, 201 and March 31, 2011 have an extension date that is 6 years from the date of the course completion. Certificates granted after April 1, 2011 have no eligibility for an extension and the certificate expiration date is five years from the course completion date.

These extensions do not apply to the Lead Renovator Firm Certifications with the EPA. For further information, check out this PDF from the EPA website Renovator Certificate 6th Year Extention. For more information on the RRP Rule, Lead Renovation, and news updates provided by the EPA, click on the links below.

Lead Renovation

Lead Renovation Newsletter

RRP Rule

Leave Workplace Stress at the Office: How to Shut Down at the End of the Day

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Workplace stress

Infographic by Quill
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Workplace Accidents Can Lead to PTSD

Workers who are injured on the job can suffer from the effects of those injuries for years to come, sometimes their entire lives. When it comes to on-the-job injuries, most of the focus has to do with the physical scars. The fact is, however, accidents and injuries can take a huge toll on an injured employee’s state-of-mind, as well. Severe workplace accidents can lead to PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

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