Drug Free Workplace Supervisor Education

Drug Free Workplace Supervisor Education

Drug and Alcohol abuse is a prevalent problem in society today. Having a Drug Free Workplace Environment is one key way for your company to help keep drugs and alcohol away from your jobsites and facilities. Training your supervisory level employees on these drug related hazards is key though in implementing the program in your business. Our trained staff specializes in drug free workplace establishment and sees that the program is sustained and respected by your employees.

Everyday your employees remain untrained, you are taking a gamble with their well-being.   Having an untrained workforce exposes your employees to numerous hazards, and leaves you as the Employer exposed to OSHA fines or possible litigation.   As an employer it is essential to train your employees on pertinent information regarding hazardous materials.  The more prepared your employees are to handle these types of situations, the better they will be able to handle a real emergency.

Our proActive Safety Services staff has successfully trained over 5000 students and are experts in preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace.  Our hands on interactive training approach will familiarize your supervisory level employees with how to detect when an employee might be having an issue with Drugs or Alcohol. Our safety specialists strive to employ teamwork with your employees to create an enjoyable and informative learning environment during the class.  This class will provide your employees with important knowledge on the dangers associated with drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace and how to appropriately confront an affected worker and how to document the information if a behavioral problem is identified. Our certified professional will make sure your employees get the attention they need, and questions can always be asked in public or private. Everything is confidential.

By implementing practical and affordable training to help educate your employees on what they should do in the event of a serious emergency situation, you are taking the essential first steps in ensuring the overall health and safety of your entire workforce.  We have what it takes to protect your most valued asset, your people!

via Drug Free Workplace Supervisor Education.

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