Parents have you spoken to your children about cyber-bullying?

What is cyber-bullying? Cyber-bullying does this really happen?  This will not happen to my child.  

bigstock-Red-Help-stop-bullying-stop-si-34390337Cyber-bullying is just one form of peer adversity that adolescents today have to face.  Cyber-bullying occurs not only online through social media platforms but also through text messaging.  No child is immune to being treated unfairly by their peers.

Being a teenager for most of us was tough and we didn’t grow up with the internet or mobile phones which were glued to our hands at all times. Think about the technology today and how it allows teens to post their thoughts, likes, and dislikes instantly on the web  for their whole world to see.

Knowledge on the subject is powerful information the following website  has a fact sheet on cyber-bullying the link is  For the safety of your child and family please take the time to read the link to learn what cyber-bullying and how it can be stopped.




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