ProActive Safety Services Provides more than Just Consulting

We know that maintaining safety in the workplace is often difficult and can be very expensive. We, proActive Safety Services, do everything we can to ensure your worksite is a safety zone and your employees are safe. ProActive Safety provides auditing, consulting, inspection, online training, staffing, training, consulting, inspection services, and more to ensure our clients are as safe as possible, regardless of the job situation and details.

We do more than safety consulting. We work closely with our clients and teach them how to maintain safety levels above general standards. We also provide safety equipment, solutions and gear. We’ve partnered with ABCO Safety so we can get our clients the guaranteed lowest price on common personal protective equipment. Some of the items we offer include:


·         Chemicals, Lubricants, & Paints

·         Clearance Items

·         Confined Space

·         Ergonomics

·         Eye Protection

·         Fall Protection

·         First Aid

·         Foot Protection

·         Hand Protection

·         Head & Face Protection

·         Hearing Protection

·         Heat Stress

·         Hi-Viz

·         Hi-Viz Bomber Jacket Special

·         Instrumentation

·         Janitorial

·         Lighting

·         Lockout-Tagout

·         Logo Products

·         Miscellaneous

·         Protective Clothing

·         Respiratory

·         Showers & Eyewash

·         Signs & Labels

·         Sorbents

·         Sqwincher Specials

·         Storage

·         Summer Specials

·         Tools

·         Traffic Work Zone

·         Training

·         Vehicle Supply

·         Welding & FR Safety

·         Winter Gloves and Liners

·         Wipers & Cleaners

Whether you run a small shop or are a large construction company, ProActive Safety Services can help you with all your safety needs. We’re based out of Cincinnati, OH and offer expert consultation and services to multiple industries wanting help with their safety programs and protocols. However, you don’t have to come to our training facilities in Cincinnati or Columbus. We can come to you or your project. You can also participate in live online training sessions -we have over 290 courses in English and Spanish!

We understand your top priority is keeping your crew and your workspace accident free. Contact us today at (513) 372 – 6232 or visit our website at: to see how we can help you achieve safety at the highest standards. Keeping everyone safe is a full time job, and an expensive one, but ProActive Safety can help you determine the most efficient, effective way to keep your team working hard, working safe!

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