With BIM technology, it all comes together.

A very informative article of how BIM has helped the construction industry.

TP Mechanical Blog

Every sophisticated machine has thousands of moving parts that come together to make a whole, working system.

A car, for example, is made up of an electrical system, an engine, a computer system, a transmission and systems for steering and suspension, to name a few. Each of these systems is comprised of complex parts and intricate details. Built separately and standing alone, they work flawlessly.

However, a car does not function unless each of these systems can be connected and integrated without error. The systems cannot be designed in isolation. They must be engineered to ensure that their pieces connect and work together.

A building is like a car. Behind the walls, many sophisticated systems are humming along individually and have been engineered to function cohesively. The plumbing has to fit around the HVAC system; the electrical lines have to be accessible; water and electricity must flow seamlessly and control…

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