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Online Safety Training a Good Option for Busy Workers

Employee safety training is essential for construction companies.  But let’s face it; getting all your employees in the office for training at the same time can be difficult.  Especially if there are big projects and tight deadlines looming.  Online safety training classes may be the answer.  While many people are leery of online training, these courses can be effective tools if they are purchased through a reputable safety services company.

So what are the specific advantages of online training?

  • It saves time.  Some studies have shown that online training can take an average of 50 percent less time than classroom instruction.  Certainly, faster isn’t always better but in some cases – like when workloads are heavy – saving time is a big consideration.
  • It is more convenient.  Who hasn’t been overwhelmed trying to coordinate the schedules of multiple employees working on different projects?  Online training allows all company employees to complete their training on their own, and at their own convenience.
  • The information is retained as well – if not better – than classroom training.  While there is a perception that online training is not taken as seriously by employees, nor is it as memorable, this simply is not the case.
  • It allows people to learn at their own pace.  Many people are embarrassed to admit they don’t understand a particular aspect of training because the speaker is moving too fast for them.  On the other hand, there are participants who are bored because they feel the material is being covered too slowly.  In both cases, online training classes allow a student to move at the right speed without slowing anyone down or rushing others.
  • It is consistent.  While instructor-led training has several advantages, sometimes classes can go off topic or material can be presented in a slightly different manner from class to class.  With online training, every person gets exactly the same information delivered in exactly the same way.
  • It is more comfortable.  How you feel in a particular environment can affect how you learn and process information.  If a room is too crowded, too hot, too cold, or just uncomfortable people can become distracted.  Online training courses allow a student to train in a location where they feel the most comfortable, improving their capacity to learn and retain information.

So before you discount the idea of online safety training, remember that providing your employees the necessary information to keep them and the workplace safe is your most important job.  The way they receive this information can vary – as long as it is effective.

via Online Safety Training a Good Option for Busy Workers – Proactive Safety Services.

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