EPA Lead Renovator Training July 25, 2013

Adult Ed Students in ClassDid you know that the EPA is requiring Lead Renovator Training for residential work as well as any building that is occupied by children under the age of 6 years old or if lead paint exists in the building? For all of these projects, there must be a supervisor on site who is certified to do lead renovation work.

Everyday your employees remain untrained, you are taking a gamble with their well-being.   Having an untrained workforce exposes your employees to numerous hazards, and leaves you as the Employer exposed to OSHA fines or possible litigation.   As an employer it is essential to train your employees on pertinent information regarding hazardous materials.  The more prepared your employees are to handle these types of situations, the better they will be able to handle a real emergency.

Our proActive Safety Services staff has successfully trained over 5000 students and are experts in preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace.  Our hands on interactive training approach will familiarize your employees with how to do everything from properly sealing off the room in which they are working as well as many multiple regulations that are prevalent to lead renovation work.

Our next class is July 25, 2013 to register please call 877-209-9648 or email dan@pasafety.com

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