Never Underestimate the Value of Safety Inspections

Safety services are coming into vogue in many industries, and for good reason.  Proper training is one thing, but a professional facility safety inspection can really make a tremendous difference in your business.  Here are just a few of the benefits of hiring a company to come in make sure that your facilities are up to snuff:

Basic Safety

The most obvious reason to bring in a professional crew to inspect the facilities: people won’t get hurt as much.  When people get hurt, they miss work, they may collect worker’s compensation, which isn’t great for your insurance rates, you have to find a replacement for them, and you have to wipe that sign down and write “0 days since last injury” on it.  Basic safety is the most obvious – and most important – benefit of having a professional safety inspection conducted.

Bringing it up to Code

Going through all of the regulations that govern your industry is basically a full-time job and that’s why you might want to let somebody else do it, somebody who already studies safety regulations as a full-time job.  You may think that your facility is safe, and indeed it may be, but unless you’re up to code, you’re running the risk of fines and fees and penalties.

Covering Your End

If somebody slips on your front lawn and winds up in the hospital, you may be held liable, or you may be found to be not at fault.  Furthermore, if it was determined you were not providing sufficient walkways for them to traverse said lawn; you may wind up paying out the nose.  Safety regulations are as much about the law and actual public and professional safety as they are about keeping your bottom line protected.  When your facility has been inspected and found safe, you’re far more likely to find a favorable outcome at the end of any trial or case that does take place with regards to injuries that happen on the site.

It may be cliché, but it’s still true: safety first!  You may know how to run your business without anyone getting hurt, but until you’ve had a professional inspection conducted, the law doesn’t know it, and the public doesn’t know it.

Via B2B | Never Underestimate the Value of Safety Inspections

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