Horseplay and Practical Jokes

Horseplay and practical jokes have always been part of most every work environment.  Normally horseplay and practical jokes are instigated by the person wanting to be the center of attention and the newest employee is most often the victim.  Horseplay and practical jokes will normally receive a lot of laughs – until someone gets seriously injured, and then it is no laughing matter.  The following items would be considered horseplay on the job: Tickling a machine operator in the ribs; greasing steps or ramps; shoving, pushing, or tripping a person; pouring itching powder on a co-worker’s towel; pulling a bench stool  from under a person’s seat; and wrestling or scuffling all could be considered good natured fun – that is until someone gets injured!  All companies should have a no tolerance view on horseplay and practical jokes, as the company is liable for their employee’s actions while on the job.

Remember that a blast of air can cause a person to be blinded or have their eardrums ruptured, along with tossing up debris that may find its way into someone’s eyes.  Always be on the lookout for practical jokers in your organization as one simple prank could set your company back – and depending on the severity of the situation, set back for a long time.

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