Benefits of Using a Safety Staffing Agency

All workers have a right to a workplace that is safe.  A requirement of OSHA is for employers to provide an environment that is free of known dangers.  If you have unskilled, or untrained workers, the unknown dangers could become deadly.  Usually an untrained worker will not have the skill, or the knowledge to recognize safety hazards.  Companies need to be sure that they are getting trained, alert, and dedicated safety workers!

Are you aware that temporary workers make up 20% of the entire job growth since the recession, according to the Labor Department?  This growth has given companies ways that they are able to save money on workers compensation, and other costs.  When it comes to the safety of employees it is key to find a safety specialist that will be dedicated to your business.  It is a huge risk, and could cost your business a lot if you hire unskilled workers for providing safety on the job.

Due to the increase in the number of temporary workers OSHA is making a coordinated effort in making sure that the temporary worker is protected from hazards on the job.  OSHA has raised concerns and is starting to issue citations regarding the lack of protection to the workers.

Using a safety staffing agency will ensure that your company is getting a qualified and trained specialist who can analyze numerous types of environments and procedures in the workplace.  A specialist can inspect workplaces, and design processes and procedures that will help protect workers from hazardous work conditions.  This will help prevent disease, damage to the environment, injury, and government fines.  They can investigate accidents and incidents to identify the cause, and determine how to prevent them in the future.  A specialist can conduct training on a variety of safety topics to help employees gain the knowledge and awareness of workplace safety.  They seek to increase productivity by reducing equipment downtime and absenteeism.

Some other benefits to consider for using a safety staffing agency:

  • Reduce Rising Costs – healthcare, worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance, and payroll taxes.
  • Reduce Risks – provide pre-screened, qualified candidates who have a proven track record that will best match your job requirements.
  • Saves Money and Time – we can advertise, use job boards, recruit, screen interviews, network, and perform reference checks to find and attract candidates to fit your job.
  • Eliminate overtime labor costs and the cost of training an employee
  • Avoid having to pay the costs of insurance coverages, premiums, and benefits.
  • Eliminate payroll taxes, filings, and processing.
  • Avoid claims due to unemployment.
  • Increase flexibility by providing a skilled employee, letting your permanent employees focus on their main tasks.

Contact proactive Safety Services for any staffing or safety solutions that you may need.  We can be reached at 513-372-6232 or toll free 877-209-9648.  You can also visit us at

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