Employee Involvement In Establishing a Safety Culture

There are many reasons that organizations and companies have high rankings in safety records.  Organizations that score high in safety have active employee involvement.  According to a 2013 survey by Gallup, over 40% of employees disengage from work when management chooses to ignore their suggestions.  This leads to lack of attention to detail in most every job responsibility, and this leads to a larger likelihood of accidents.  Here are some suggestions that might help to engage employees which will lead to establishing a good safety culture:

* Use employee surveys to identify work place hazards:  Don’t stop there.  Ask for suggestions to improve workplace environments and publish results for your employees to see that their input is being considered by management.

* Lead by example:  If a manager forgets, or refuses, to wear a hard hat in a high risk area – what will your employees think?  Most likely they will think that it is okay for them not wear a hard hat while working as well.

* Coach: See that managers and foreman consistently meet with and engage employees in safety on a regular basis.

* Administration, management, and employees:  All should be involved in setting safety goals and expectations. Having meetings with high representation from all areas will help facilitate this process.  Goals and expectations should be realistic and they should have the ability to be measured.

      Organizations that include employees in safety, will not only profit from reducing injuries and fines, but they will see that their involvement with their employees will help all areas of the business – including profitability.

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