Safety First in Construction

Safety is a serious matter in construction. The hazardous tasks taken on by construction workers to build, repair and maintain our buildings and physical infrastructure lend this group to incur the greatest number of fatal injuries in the private sector.  Accidents are not always avoidable, but some can be prevented.  To reduce injuries and fatalities it’s essential to why they happen and how to avoid them. Consider the following safety steps to better understand ways to avoid workplace accidents.

  • Know the risk- Training programs increase the awareness of the dangers present in various jobs, in addition to finding safe and productive ways to perform the task, minimizing the risk. Employers are responsible for ensuring there is adequate training.
  • Proper equipment is key- Not only is functioning construction equipment essential to performing a task safely, time needs to be dedicated to maintaining the equipment and training employees on its exact use.
  • Road safety- Many workplace injuries and deaths occur on the road. Make sure drivers are well-rested and avoid multitasking and distractions such as talking on a cell phone.
  • Safe physical behaviors- Encourage employees to begin the work day with stretches to prepare their bodies for the hard work ahead of them.  Then, make sure to teach safe lifting techniques to avoid back injuries, pulled muscles, and spinal injuries.  Provide training so tools are used ergonomically correct. Remind workers to avoid squatting or kneeling and provide a stable stool to avoid unnecessary strain.  Taking the time to stage materials in a logical way prevents injuries. Finally, remind employees the importance of adequate sleep and rest; being overtired creates undue risk.

Being proactive is the best way to avoid accidents at the workplace.  There is no place where safety is more important than in the field of construction work.

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