Construction Safety Training

Construction safety training is cheap compared to the cost of injuries, damaged equipment, and decreased productivity. How do contractors efficiently and effectively train work crews? The first step is to identify what type of training employees need and then evaluate what to invest in.  It is important to research what types of training options are available, evaluate availability, and make sure the training falls within the budget. Often the hardest part of construction safety training is to figure out how best to integrate the training into the day to day operation of the job site without cutting back on productivity.

There are a number of effective ways to train construction crews for safety and efficiency while they are on the job site. Well trained workers mean less chance of accidents and more efficient performance from the crew. Several companies now offer onsite safety and equipment training in order to ensure employees are technically efficient before setting foot on a job site.  For example, Caterpillar has developed a certifying leaning center in Mesa, Arizona which provides operators with operational and safety training via either instructors or web-based courses. As with many safety and equipment programs these courses offer pre- and post-testing to measure how much learning has taken place to help ensure that when someone gets certified that they have met all of the necessary criteria for operation and safety.

Contractors that have good safety programs and are aggressive about implementing their programs have good safety records and higher productivity. Simply creating a safety program does not guarantee a safer job site or better trained workers. It is important to have a process in place that is designed to ensure safety outcomes – a program that is tied to increased performance.  Just because a safety program is in place does not mean that there will be a significant decrease in accidents or broken equipment. With an increased emphasis on safety for construction sites it is now possible for even small contractors who might not have a huge safety budget to use online software, videos, or other internet support systems to train employees. These new safety and instructional tools are ideal to help improve safety records and decrease accidents on the job site.

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