Shoe Sensation, Inc.

Shoe Sensation, Inc.

Since opening its first store in 1984, Shoe Sensation has focused on bringing America’s top footwear brands to growing communities in the Midwest and South. Headquartered in Jeffersonville, Indiana, the company currently operates over one hundred and ten (110) locations in sixteen (16) states.

There are many benefits to working with your local Shoe Sensation retail store to set up your safety footwear program, including voucher programs that will simplify the process of supplying your employees with quality safety footwear.  We are open to all arrangements and are willing to stock footwear based upon your specific needs. We are available for your employees 363 days a year.

By working directly with Shoe Sensation, our program offers the following benefits:

  • Competitive pricing including a discount for all employees when you set up your footwear program through Shoe Sensation
  • No need to wait for a Shoemobile with inflated prices and limited inventory to service your location
  • Layaway available
  • On-site fittings available
  • Voucher Programs
  • Easy, no hassle returns and exchanges at a nearby location for all employees
  • Professional Customer Service in store for personalized fitting
  • Convenience of trying on shoes at point-of- sale to ensure comfort and fit
  • Stock available year round for all new hires on spot (same day solution)
  • Brand name footwear known and trusted throughout the industry Timberland Pro, Caterpillar, Skechers, Puma, Muck, Magnum, John Deere, McRae, Mountain High and Workmaster
  • The best benefit is we take you OUT OF THE SAFETY FOOTWEAR BUSINESS!!!!!

We know safety and comfort are the two important factors when selecting safety shoes and you will not be disappointed in our product or service.  I will be in touch with you shortly to tell you more about Shoe Sensation and how easily your company can be set up with a safety footwear program through our company.  In the interim, if I can be of assistance or answer any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Jef Schachleiter
Director, Work & Safety Footwear
Shoe Sensation, Inc.

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