Building the Perfect Construction Team

Design the Perfect Construction Team

Teamwork is a word many team members don’t always understand. In construction, the team has to function as a single, empowered unit for construction projects to be successfully completed to customer satisfaction. Ironically, it is customer satisfaction that affects how well the construction team functions. Building the perfect construction team begins with designing the perfect construction team.

Design and Implement an Excellent Construction Team

All construction projects have a basic template in the first phases of construction design. From this template, the design of the team becomes highly visible. Team design should address specific areas of the construction project. Keep in mind that this team design will overlap into future construction projects. A construction project functions similarly to a military strategy. So too, should the construction team. With one caveat, the team should be able to function with flexibility, should projects delays or other factors occur. Since most construction projects rely heavily on bid process to acquire a construction team, the general contractor/contractors (GC) who lead the project should provide extensive experience in team management. Sub-contractors, who work with the lead GC, should also have team management experience. This will avoid problems with ineffective hiring of construction team members who supply labor, equipment and technical team input. Once these team members are chosen, the next phase of team design is to insure that construction phases are clearly outlined and detailed to team “leaders.”

The Importance of Free Flowing Communication

In construction projects, the more refined and free flowing communication is between GC and subs, the less likely errors, misunderstandings, misinterpretations and delays will occur. The lead GC should have knowledge of all subcontracting team members’ skill levels and prior experience. Too often, lead GCs try to implement construction project plans, omitting to orient subs to the plans. If necessary, create a construction project team flowchart outlining the duties of each team member. In addition, a construction project flowchart of each construction phase should be furnished to team members. This will enhance a timely finish to each phase, as well as keep team members fully informed as to the progress of the construction project.

The Perfect Construction Team is Made, Not Born

For the lead GC in any construction project, the perfect construction team is created from highest levels of experience in the construction industry. Weighing construction costs versus the cost of a perfect construction team usually results in a project that places the cost of the best team members after construction costs for supplies, equipment and miscellaneous project requirements like permits, construction waste disposal and costs related to environmental compliance. In reality, the perfect construction team is the most valuable asset for any construction enterprise. The team can provide numerous successful projects at far below estimated costs due to their knowledge and experience. Work closely with the construction estimator to determine how to attract the most valuable team members.

The Qualifications of the Perfect Construction Team Member

The search for highest quality team members takes time. However, if construction contractors know key points of how to interview and hire the best team members, this can reduce the time it takes to put together a highly qualified construction team worth the cost. The qualifications of the perfect construction team member depend on the specific duties of the team. For example, a construction design team will require team members with experience in construction engineering and design. The estimating team should have excellent knowledge of top construction vendors, be able to create timely flow charts for projects and have intricate experience in pricing of labor and equipment. Qualifications for field service teams include the ability to work as a single unit with other team members like plumbers, electricians, roofing and flooring and masons, fully understand and read design drawings and have a keen sense of time management.

What Does the Perfect Construction Team Look Like?

To visualize the perfect construction teamLaying Asphalt, picture the team in the order of importance. At the base or foundation of a construction project is the lead GC and lead subs. These team members are followed by design, estimating, field service and extraneous contractors, who complete the full picture of what the perfect construction team looks like.

Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who writes for Federal Steel Supply, Inc., a leading supplier of carbon, alloy and stainless steel in pipe, tube, fittings and flanges.

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